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How are infertility AND abortion two major issues right now?

Honest to goodness, I’m perplexed. It seems like the gap between these two issues solves itself.

We have an outcry of women desperate to hold and love a child... And we have an outcry of women who want the choice of loving and holding their body without a child in it.

We have women taking out small mortgages, putting their bodies through countless surgeries, medications, hormones, and heartbreak to hear a heartbeat on a fuzzy black and white screen.

We have women hiding, desperate, hurting, listening to the shame of the world, and feeling like there’s no other options.

I really don’t care about your stance on politics, religion, or planned parenthood. Because truth be told those are worldly problems - the deeper, more meaningful stance that will change the world, is the humanity of bridging the gap between these two heartbroken groups of women.

Have you had an abortion, miscarried multiple times, or given up your child for adoption? You are loved.

Have you put your family into serious debt, been filled with jealous rage, regretted having kids, or had your children removed from you? You are loved.

No matter the leadership and laws — babies will continue to be aborted, babies will die from neglect and abuse, babies will be miscarried, and babies will be longed for.

What we do to show each other love in the midst of heartache will be life changing.

Whether your womb is empty, stretched from holding babies, surgically removed, or scarred from babies being removed from it - we can bridge the gap with love.

What if the root of the issue is more about “wanted” and “unwanted” women?

Please, mind the gap.

And my friend, you are wanted.

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