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Air Condition the Whole Neighborhood.

There was an amazing man named Gary Young (go look up all the good he has done way beyond oils) whose dream was to have essential oils in every home. Well let me raise you one Gary.

Sure oils would be great in every home, but I want love in every home, I want transformation in every home, I want laughter in every home, I want community to happen in every home, I want joy in every home, and most importantly want Jesus in every home. I want every home to feel like a sanctuary as mine has felt to me. Where I can look into all the rooms and remember the prayers, tears, and joy that have erupted.

The doorways have been prayed over.

The hallways have been prayed in.

The bedrooms have heard out loud prayers of both heartache and praise.

And oh those stairs... lots of prayers.

Are we going to move one day? Probably. And guess what?! I get to leave a house full of prayers to another family and I have the OPPORTUNITY to fill another with prayers. However, I would be doing a disservice - excuse me – I would be missing my calling from God if I stopped at only my house. If I let my threshold hold back the prayers to keep only my house cool in the heat of summer.

So here’s to me opening my doors. Opening my windows. Allowing all the light to pour in - and “air conditioning the whole neighborhood” as my husband says - with the gifts that I have been given and the hope and future God promises me.

With all this love pouring out comes frustrations, heartaches, pain, sin, and falling short. But guess what?! We all have fallen short. And it is by grace we pick ourselves back up. It is so healing to see the grace in other’s lives and tell others of the grace that has saved our life.

The thing I am hardest on myself for in parenting is the desire to instill in each of my kids (no matter how long they are with us) that they can be better. That they can rise above their circumstances. That the only reason they are going through this hardship this early in life is because of the greatness planned for them. Do not dare think for one second I am stopping with them — you my friend, reading the blog right now, you are next.

I am so glad I have come to this place where my struggles propel me into my relationship with God and cause me to rely on the people He has given me.

So here’s to pressing in. Pressing in to His word and His people. Pressing in to His calling on my life.

It is going to start with this blog, but please stay by my side to watch this grow in only a way He can make it. If I am going to believe that each person is made for so much more, then I have to believe that I was made for so much more. I have been given a platform for love, experiences for humility & grace, and the gift of words and encouragement. Seek out your path, your gifts, and the person you can become if you let go and give God control.

A path with no obstacles probably leads nowhere great.

Cheers to overcoming, hearing God’s calling, and air conditioning the WHOLE neighborhood.

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